Gillette M3 Power Refill Cartridges 1 Pack 8 Cartridges $25 Free Shipping Worldwide

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1 Pack 8 Cartridges $25 Free Shipping Worldwide

M3Power cartridges with Gillette's most advanced blade edge technology.

Combine with the M3Power razor for a totally new shaving experience and Gillette's best shave ever.

New EasyGlide™ Blades
Patented blade coating produces Gillette's smoothest blade surface for incredible glide...and a level of comfort that only M3Power can give. You can feel the difference from the first shave.

Indicator Lubrastrip
with Vitamin A and Aloe

  • M3Power cartridges can be used with any Mach3 razor.
  • For best results, power up with the Gillette M3Power razor.

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